Rebreather Training

Courses are offered through TDI, PADI & BSAC for the AP Diving range of rebreathers, Classic, Vision and 2020 along with the Hollis Explorer, Hollis Prism 2 and Poseidon Mk6 & 7. The courses are aimed at certified divers looking to advance their diver level training by learning to dive a rebreather. Minimum age 18, provided proof of 20 logged open water dives and be certified as a Nitrox diver. More detailed course content can be found on the agency web sites.

  • Air Diluent CCR
  • Air Diluent Deco CCR
  • Mixed Gas CCR
  • Advanced Mixed Gas CCR
  • CCR Air Diver (40m)
  • CCR Trimix Diver (45m)
  • MOD 2 CCR (60m)
  • MOD 3 CCR (80m)
  • Rebreather Diver
  • Advanced Rebreather Diver
  • Tec 40 CCR
  • Tec 60 CCR
  • Tec 100 CCR
Follow On Courses Session

Follow on courses from the Air Diluent CCR include Air Diluent Deco CCR and Mixed Gas CCR.


The three agencies of TDI, PADI and BSAC offer similar courses for the different levels and depths of certification required.

Most Suitable Agency

Please contact us to discuss the most suitable agency and route for you.

Equipment and Course Fees

We can advise on which CCR unit to buy either new or pre owned and can supply new CCR units direct from the manufacturer. Please contact us for more information and current course availability and pricing.